Biohacking the Tetris World Championships

Biohacking at the Tetris World Championships

I hung my head as the final piece stacked up on the screen.  Another year, another crushing loss in the Semi-Finals of the NES Tetris world championships.  Yes, you read that right.  The NES Tetris world championships is a thing.  I placed 4th this year. For the better part of my life I have spent an excessive amount of time playing tetris.  In the past two years my interest has shifted to biohacking for optimal health. For the last 3 years, the NES Tetris World Championship has been hosted by the Portland Retro Gaming Classic in Portland, Oregon.  Read on to find out what happened.

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“Fed up” Left Me Fed Up

Fed up

“Fed Up” attempts to bring about change in the eating habits of Americans. The content of this film was predictable, but I gave it a chance. I hoped this movie would take a chance and actually make a statement. Instead it meandered on. Pontificating on politics and conspiracy theories about the “big food”.  While that information is relevant, I feel that focus caused a missed opportunity to answer the most important question for the viewer.  How do I eat better?  Continue reading to get my take on the film.  Continue reading ““Fed up” Left Me Fed Up”

Nutrition for the Spartan Beast

Nutrition is a beast

We arrived to the Vail lake park to the ominous sight of a massive cloud gathering in the valley.  As the sun rose above the hillside, it was hard to make out what the cloud actually consisted of.  The air was too dry and we were to far east for it to be fog.  It turns out is was a dust cloud generated from all of the cars driving in the extremely dry dust bowl parking lot.  Water trucks drove around to dampen the earth to no avail.  I knew seeing this, it was going to be a difficult morning.
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Random musing

I recently wrapped my series of carbohydrate: the skinny on carbohydrate. Before I take another dive into complex topics in nutrition I wanted to take some time to write up a brief update of my training and eating.  As well as how I have been feeling in general.   This will be a less science heavy post and will cover basic first hand stuff that I have been experiencing lately.  Please read on if you are curious how I have been applying knowledge in my life lately. Continue reading “Random musing”