Ketosis 2.0 summary

Last Monday I started what I called ketosis 2.0.  This was a five day reset that I would be going super low carb (less that 30 grams per day) in order to propel myself back into Ketosis.  It was very successful.  In addition to the diet shift I also took blood sugar measurements and tracked when and what I ate during the five days.  On the last day I would take part in a large Carbohydrate refeed.

I had two goals for this reset.  First was to monitor my blood sugar throughout the week so I could see how that was affected by certain meals and how it varied as the low carb days progressed.  The second goal was basically to get myself back on track because my discipline had dropped a bit in the preceding weeks Continue reading “Ketosis 2.0 summary”

Spartan Racing and Tetris an odd combo

Strong finish to the spartan race

Spartan Up!

The sun remained down.  The rolling hills of the Van Vleck Ranch created slightly ominous silhouettes in the distance.  Under the cast of darkness, my racing partner Philip and I began our warm up; we still didn’t quite know what was in store for us.  It’s always a little surreal warming up in the dark. This day was no exception.  As the sun came up to reveal the course, it was clear that hills would be less of a factor in this race compared to the  Temecula beast. Given that, I figured the obstacles and sequencing would be a lot harder in this Sacramento Super Spartan Race.  This would be a huge factor late in the race.  Also, this would be a runners race favoring speed over strength.   That bodes well for me because I am faster than I am strong.  Because this was my third Spartan Race, I felt calm and prepared.

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Are Simple Sugars Better Than Complex Carbohydrate?

The Skinny On Carbohydrate part 3: Simple vs. Complex

If you are a fitness and nutrition nerd like me you will be aware that carbohydrate (CHO)  is a major point of contention in the realm of diet experts and amateur bloggers.  The opinions range from those who completely vilify carbohydrate and contend that it is completely unnecessary, to those who think carbohydrate should make up the majority of your calories and fat should be avoided (like the american government diet recommendations).  If you aren’t a fitness and nutrition nerd you probably have no idea all these people exist debating endlessly about one macronutrient.   You’re saying “just give me a bagel and shut up already.”

The fact remains that this is a very important debate and probably is the lynch pin for most people’s success in maintaining weight, avoiding chronic disease and general maintenance of energy levels.  Among those who advocate for the consumption of carbohydrate the debate delineates further.  This spread generally runs along a few lines.  Timing is often discussed.  What time of day and following or preceding which activities should CHO be consumed?  Total amount of CHO is obviously a point of contention.  Also, the debate includes whether we should favor Complex carbohydrate over simple carbohydrate.

Simple vs Complex

This post will discuss the difference between Simple and Complex carbohydrate and the various opinions and rationales that go into favoring one form over the other.  For the different types of carbohydrates, what are some strategies and best practices for eating?  Which foods have complex CHO and which foods have simple?  I’ll offer some science, popular opinions as well as my own opinion.  This is a pretty tricky and complex topic and like most other topics in nutrition, there is no one size fits all correct answer.  Either way it’s fun to debate and important to be informed.   Please continue reading to get the nitty gritty! Continue reading “Are Simple Sugars Better Than Complex Carbohydrate?”

Ketosis 2.0

image I received my glucose meter in the mail yesterday from Amazon.  The timing couldn’t have been better because I have had a two week period that I have fallen off drastically with my intake protocol.  Two things where happening.  The first is I was getting too lean.  I didn’t feel safe staying Ketogenic (a fat burning state).  Second I just felt like taking a break from having so much dicipline all the time.  I aslo was doing some very unscientific tinkering with adding Gluten back in, but that is another subject all together.  Since January 2014 I have taken part in my first biohack taking my body from 12% body fat to 6% body fat while increasing my net body weight 6lbs to 149 from 143. Continue reading “Ketosis 2.0”