• Whole foods is not the only option

    JERF? (Just eat real/ whole foods)

    By / January 17, 2015

    The saying J.E.R.F. gets thrown around a lot in the blogosphere. J.E.R.F. stands for Just Eat Real Food. Another variation of this saying is: just eat whole foods. While this is noble in concept, and probably the best solution for people trying to become more healthy, it’s a farce. Especially when you consider the starting… Read more

  • Carb Swishing and Spitting

    Carb Swishing Improves Performance

    By / January 5, 2015

    When it comes to nutrition and sports performance, it’s hard to know which source to trust. The vast majority of people don’t have the time to pour over the primary research.  Conclusions are often influenced by marketing. Even if you don’t admit it, marketing techniques drives your decisions.  Companies used what is called marketing science… Read more

  • Gluten

    Gluten is The Problem?

    By / December 30, 2014

    Holidays and vacations can become a great excuse to let good habits slide. Even the most disciplined and measured people can fall victim to this trap.  Some say in the long run its a good thing to give yourself a break while others argue being too lenient is never good. This post is a check… Read more

  • Ketosis 2.0 summary

    By / December 30, 2014

    Last Monday I started what I called ketosis 2.0.  This was a five day reset that I would be going super low carb (less that 30 grams per day) in order to propel myself back into Ketosis.  It was very successful.  In addition to the diet shift I also took blood sugar measurements and tracked when… Read more

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