Monterey Super Race Report: Running While Sick is Mind Over Matter

The morning of the Monterey Super, the exterior the conditions were perfect.  56 degrees, overcast with a slight breeze.  Perfect circumstances for any endurance endeavor, especially a Spartan race.  Heat will make a race a lot harder and so will rain.  Inside of me on the other hand, I was staving off a sickness the likes of which I had not experienced in many years.  Great timing right!  So ideal outside conditions, poor interior conditions.

For the past 6 months I have been training very hard for this race and the Spartan race season to come. Monday preceding the race, I woke up with a slightly sore throat.  For me this is a major read flag because I very rarely get sick.  With the majority of the week ahead of me I figured I would be fine by Saturday.  Besides, I was tapering into the race so it wouldn’t effect my training in any way.  Looming in the back of my mind was the fear that things would get worse and impact my performance on the course. Continue reading “Monterey Super Race Report: Running While Sick is Mind Over Matter”

JERF? (Just eat real/ whole foods)

Whole foods is not the only option

The saying J.E.R.F. gets thrown around a lot in the blogosphere. J.E.R.F. stands for Just Eat Real Food. Another variation of this saying is: just eat whole foods. While this is noble in concept, and probably the best solution for people trying to become more healthy, it’s a farce. Especially when you consider the starting point of the people that this message is meant for. Continue reading “JERF? (Just eat real/ whole foods)”

Carb Swishing Improves Performance

Carb Swishing and Spitting

When it comes to nutrition and sports performance, it’s hard to know which source to trust. The vast majority of people don’t have the time to pour over the primary research.  Conclusions are often influenced by marketing. Even if you don’t admit it, marketing techniques drives your decisions.  Companies used what is called marketing science to create a bias. You may have strategies during and post workout that are well intentioned but may be doing nothing.  Or worst yet are counter productive.

This article will examine an instance in which people could be misled by marketing “science”.  This study looks into sports drinks: does an athlete even need to swallow in order to get the benefit. Continue reading “Carb Swishing Improves Performance”

Gluten is The Problem?


Holidays and vacations can become a great excuse to let good habits slide. Even the most disciplined and measured people can fall victim to this trap.  Some say in the long run its a good thing to give yourself a break while others argue being too lenient is never good. This post is a check in about my struggles with regarding food sensitivities. I will not delve into hard science or nutrition theories in this post. The Holidays can be a balancing act between training, work and vacations. It has been interesting to allow myself to completely slip off of my regimens intermittently.  This is a story about some of the things I have learned during this time Continue reading “Gluten is The Problem?”