• Nutrition is a beast

    Nutrition for the Spartan Beast

    By / December 15, 2014

    We arrived to the Vail lake park to the ominous sight of a massive cloud gathering in the valley.  As the sun rose above the hillside, it was hard to make out what the cloud actually consisted of.  The air was too dry and we were to far east for it to be fog.  It… Read more

  • Random musing

    By / December 15, 2014

    I recently wrapped my series of carbohydrate: the skinny on carbohydrate. Before I take another dive into complex topics in nutrition I wanted to take some time to write up a brief update of my training and eating.  As well as how I have been feeling in general.   This will be a less science… Read more

  • How-to Produce an Instructional Research Proposal

    By / December 12, 2014

    A quality plan division for the dissertation gives all the attainable answers important for a different inividual to scan your personal efforts. A fabulous dissertation techniques point generally is the most challenging departments as a student to complete due to quantity researching and data necessary to extensive the actual element. The right strategy section must… Read more

  • Train low race high for improved performance

    Train Low Race high For Results

    By / December 10, 2014

    Train low race high: an intro to alternative fueling approaches In endurance training there is an advanced concept called “Train low race high”. The concept centers around increased efficiency burning endogenous (inside of you) fuel sources.  The theory is that an athlete needs to be good at burning fat for fuel, but at the same time not lose their ability to… Read more

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