• Woodside Trail race

    Woodside Crossover Trail Race Recap

    By / December 13, 2015

    The trail has a way of exposing you as a runner. In my career as a distance runner, I have had many ups and downs.  Applied to pacing and training volume, my sprinters mentality has not translated particularly well to the longer distances.  As a 32 year old I know I can’t sprint anymore.  Life is… Read more

  • Cake,cake, cake

    Every Day is Not Your Birthday: Stop Eating Cake

    By / December 12, 2015

    This is an offensive rant post.  Please do not read if you are easily offended and love cake. As a fitness professional, I participate in and overhear many conversations about eating.  Many people claim to want to change their diets and are curious about what my collegues and I eat.  Often as I describe my… Read more

  • Poop made easy

    Poop: How to Create a Good Poop

    By / December 11, 2015

    I think a lot about my poop.  I look at my poop. I smell my poop. I pay attention to the frequency, ease of pooping, volume and consistency of my poop on a daily basis.  Last week I took it to the next level and put my poop in the mail.  

  • Resistant starch is good for the gut

    Resistant starch: The Key to Gut Health?

    By / December 10, 2015

    Resistant Starch: Understand it or Have a Broken Gut In the world of nutrition nothing ever seems to be simple. The topic of resistant starch is no exception. Whether considering high or low carb, Vegan or Paleo, there are many upsides and drawbacks to any approach.  As well as seemingly endless questions for which the… Read more

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