January 26, 2015

  • Food Politics gone wrong

    Food Politics. Still rotten.

    By / January 26, 2015

    This is a food politics rant post.  If you don’t like rants about food politics don’t read this post. Last week the government’s advisory committee on nutrition released their new suggestions. The basic summery is eat less meat and sugar.   The primary concern to eat less meat: the environment of course.   I like… Read more

  • AT&T Park Sprint: Failure Breeds Success.

    By / January 24, 2015

    Att Park Sprint Review The Race As I watched my spear veer to the right of the smaller than normal target, I was immediately enraged. I had to do my first ever burpee penalty in a Spartan Race. My hope of a top 10 finish crashed to the ground along with that spear. Before this… Read more

  • Monterey Super Race Report: Running While Sick is Mind Over Matter

    By / January 17, 2015

    The morning of the Monterey Super, the exterior the conditions were perfect.  56 degrees, overcast with a slight breeze.  Perfect circumstances for any endurance endeavor, especially a Spartan race.  Heat will make a race a lot harder and so will rain.  Inside of me on the other hand, I was staving off a sickness the… Read more

  • Whole foods is not the only option

    JERF? (Just eat real/ whole foods)

    By / January 17, 2015

    The saying J.E.R.F. gets thrown around a lot in the blogosphere. J.E.R.F. stands for Just Eat Real Food. Another variation of this saying is: just eat whole foods. While this is noble in concept, and probably the best solution for people trying to become more healthy, it’s a farce. Especially when you consider the starting… Read more

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