Random musing

I recently wrapped my series of carbohydrate: the skinny on carbohydrate. Before I take another dive into complex topics in nutrition I wanted to take some time to write up a brief update of my training and eating.  As well as how I have been feeling in general.   This will be a less science heavy post and will cover basic first hand stuff that I have been experiencing lately.  Please read on if you are curious how I have been applying knowledge in my life lately. Continue reading “Random musing”

Train Low Race high For Results

Train low race high for improved performance

Train low race high: an intro to alternative fueling approaches

In endurance training there is an advanced concept called “Train low race high”. The concept centers around increased efficiency burning endogenous (inside of you) fuel sources.  The theory is that an athlete needs to be good at burning fat for fuel, but at the same time not lose their ability to metabolize glucose for fuel. The benefit to using fat as a fuel for exercise is that you essentially will never run out of energy if you keep your pace slow enough.  For competitions that last more that 3 hours, burning fat is favorable to sugar because glycogen runs out in about 3 hours at high intensities. The problem is that if you only work in a glycogen depleted state, you will decrease your ability to oxidize carbohydrate.  This balancing act is called respiratory quotient or RQ.  This varies both depending on the individual metabolism of the athlete and the metabolic demand of the event.  Likewise, if you only train in a highly carb fed state you will not be as efficient at using fat. This may lead to bonking.  The drawback to training low too much is it effectively puts the breaks on your speed and heart rate via a concept is called “glycogen sparing.”  This can be advantageous in a very long race because you will have more left in the tank to get you through the entire race.  However, it may decrease your high end performance and cause you to run slower.  With these ideas in mind sports nutritionist have developed cyclic carb intake and training plans to help to maximize efficiency for both fuel types.  Read more to dig in a little deeper on these concepts. Continue reading “Train Low Race high For Results”

6 Reasons cycling Carb intake will make you kick more ass

I like to chow down on a bunch of crappy food as much as the next guy.  But I also like to kick ass and be lean.  Do you have any interest in kicking more ass and becoming more lean while still occasionally eating “poor” food choices?  The key to decreasing body fat and having more energy actually is cycling carbohydrate intake.  I have chosen the top 6 reasons I love cycling my carbs.  Here they are:

1. Get out of your bodies way: the insulin story.

2. Let glucagon do what glucagon does best!

3.  Freedom from a feeding schedule.

4.  Increase brain function.

5. Eating fat makes you skinny.

6. Cycling carbohydrates means you can pig out once in a while.

I expand on the details below. Continue reading “6 Reasons cycling Carb intake will make you kick more ass”